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A system of movable receiving tables for strawdividers

Technical innovations


A few months ago, in the town of Hinnerup in Denmark, a 12 MW boiler house burning straw was put into operation. The main contractor was AEA A / S, with whom we started cooperation. Runarsson's task was among others to design, manufacture and assemble movable receiving tables for strawdividers and a dividing screw working in the ash room.


The boiler room in Hinnerup has two boiler lines, one for 6 MW and a newly built one for 12 MW. Both lines have their own straw storage.

An interesting solution requested by Hinnerup was a supply table system designed so both boilers can be fed from one straw storage at a time. This in case of maintenance of a crane or simply when one storage room is empty. In this situation, one of the tables is moving aside, making room for the second table, which fully loaded supports two boiler lines, feeding the straw from one warehouse to both strawdividers. Thanks to such a solution, despite the breakdown, the boiler plant can continue to work without exposing unnecessary production downtime.


The feeding table is a chain conveyor with the possibility of regulating the speed of feeding straw, while the chassis, on which it moves, resembles crane systems.


A huge, 15 meter ash dividing screw was a design challenge for our construction office. It could be fixed only on two supports, at its beginning and at the end. Very accurate strength calculations, which we carry out in the Autodesk Robot software, were necessary. We chose the diameter, the thickness of the pipe and the bearing system that compensated for its flexing during operation.

Due to the high ash abrasiveness, the flights of screw were made of hard-wearing Hardox material. The screw, as shown in the pictures, met the design assumptions.


The design of the movable receiving table system was created in a design office in Poland in cooperation with AEA A/S engineers. The device has been manufactured and installed by Runarsson A / S  in the boiler plant.
















Movable receiving tables -  Drawing



Assembling of tables before first running-in


Assembling of tables



Assembling of tables and test running-in











Dividing screw



Transport of 15 m screw to site



Working ash dividing screw



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