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Runarsson’s fuel in-feeding system for a new BWSC power plant

There are many interesting projects that run through our design office, and later the production facility in Denmark. Unfortunately, we can’t write about all of them. That’s why we are so happy to present one of those we are especially proud of.


The BWSC company has been known on the energy market since the mid-nineteenth century. At that time, it was the first producer of industrial steam power plants. During many years of its business activity, it has developed and undergone a number of changes, adapting to the constantly changing energy market, also using the latest scientific achievements. Especially for this company, we have designed and performed a fuel in-feeding system with fire dampers.


The stoker for BWSC is a device used to supply straw to the container or the fuel in-feeding system to the boiler. The transporting element is a screw spiral that performs rotary motion, as the driving force serves a gearmotor equipped with an inverter that is used to control the rotation speed. In order to reduce the possibility of clogging of the outlet, the screw is cone-shaped, which causes loosening of the material in the final part. In the screw, there is no shaft support at the end, which results in an easier material transition. The conical shape of the screw required us to perform additional specialized calculations.


At the outlet, the stoker is equipped with a material airlock that serves also to protect against backfire. The airlock is equipped with two position sensors that are continuously monitoring the current position.


Designing and the necessary calculations have been carried out by the design office Runarsson Engineering, while the production has been performed by the facility in Denmark – Runarsson A/S.


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