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Runarsson's fuel in-feeding system for a modern cogeneration boiler plant combusting biomass

In the Danish town, a cogeneration boiler plant combusting biomass was built. It produces heat and electricity.


This cheaper, ecological solution is finding an increasing number of supporters around the world. We started the project together with one of the largest companies in this industry. The main business area of this company is providing of still new, improved energy technologies to the global market.

The Runarsson group designed and produced a fuel in-feeding system that had to be adapted to the building's architecture, so that the metering bin could operate at a quite sharp angle. This problem was also to be solved in the case of a steel fuel tank, through selecting of sufficiently durable materials. The tank was prepared with the safety precaution in form of a fire damper.


We offered the customer our standard solution – a push feeder with two actuators – that sufficiently protects the piston against cutting off during operation and allows for in-feeding of different materials  with the humidity up to 60%.


A hydraulic system used in the push feeder allows to control the in-feeding speed, and thus also the performance of the entire system. The used solution of a „quick” return of the piston allows for the system's higher performance at the low power consumption.


In the boiler in-feeding system designed by Runarsson, a final stage of the fuel supply to the oven is an in-feeding duct that is cooled with the water under pressure. It was designed and manufactured in accordance with The European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU. It protects the system against the risk of fire.

The boiler plant was put into operation and all the equipment works flawlessly. The project of the fuel in-feeding system was prepared by the Runarsson Engineering design office and the production was carried out by our factory in Denmark – Runarsson A/S.


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