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Runarsson and modular technology 
 extension of the hospital in Łódź.

Once again, our design office took part in a project of expanding a hospital. After the successful implementation of the reconstruction of the clinic in Germany, we undertook a new task. This time, we started work on the modernization of the M. Pirogowa Hospital‎ in Łódź.


The expected date of completion of construction works is only five weeks. It is possible thanks to the use of modular technology. The assembly of the three-storey wing will close in a week. The establishment of a central sterilizer, an intensive care unit, as well as four modern operating rooms.


The use of modules not only saves time. Thanks to them, the noise and dust accompanying each construction has been minimized. As a result, the hospital can work normally, and patients do not feel discomfort associated with the development of the building.

The new wing of the hospital will be finished and equipped with specialist equipment. The project implementation date is January 2019. The value of the entire investment including integrated equipment is PLN 45 million. Free-standing equipment is another 9 million PLN.


The investor is the Local Government of the Łódź Redgion. A comprehensive implementation of the building in modular technology has been undertaken by Climatic, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time.


Pictures and material come from:

1. The information service of the Lodz region

2. Photographs by Mr. Piotr Jach - Express Ilustrowany




25 September 2018


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