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Project of a stainless steel pipeline for a company producing bio-oils

This time we cooperated with one of the largest and oldest Danish producers of bio-oils made of rapeseed oil. Our customer is a company founded in 1838. Its headquarters are located on the Danish island of Fyn. Currently, it is one of the largest and most modern facilities of this type in Denmark.


The bio-oils are used, among others, in production of biodiesel, glycerine as well as ecological protein supplements for the cattle.


The work of our construction office focused on the project of a pipeline made of stainless steel pipes. It was a modernization aimed at adapting of the installation to legal requirements concerning environmental protection.

We have designed a pipeline with the length of 120 meters, through which vapors from the oil production could move, as well as an adapter and fan that is necessary for proper functioning of the pipeline. The construction was partly to be located 5 meters above the ground. Therefore, we needed to design appropriate supports and their foundations. It was also necessary to make calculations regarding their loads. The supports have been constructed in such a way that the existing pipeline can be easily extended in the future.


The project of the pipeline, supports and foundations as well as the load calculations have been made by the construction office in Poland – Runarsson Engineering. The production and mounting have been performed by the production facility in Denmark – Runarsson A/S.


05 December 2018


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