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The rotary kiln  

Comprehensive implementation


In March 2017, Runarsson A/S signed a contract with a company SWS for the design and manufacture of a rotary kiln and fuel delivery system. The designed and built by us rotary kiln will allow our customer to increase the efficiency of the hazardous waste utilization processes as well as decrease the downtime of the whole plant. Today, we’d like to show you how we designed and manufactured this big structure as well as the final results of our work.

Prior to commencing work, engineers from our office visited the site where a new rotary kiln was to be installed.

Having made all necessary measurements, we started to work on the project. There were a lot of ideas.

Many assemblies were prepared and we were looking for the best solutions.

Details, strength and cooling flow calculations, everything had to be finished down to the last detail.

The team of engineers had finished their work, and it was time to send the drawings to the production.

First rings are welded.

First elements of a larger whole were produced.

Qualified welders from our production team.

The rotary kiln was built systematically from the subsequent rings

Another assembly work.

When all the welding work had been done, it was time to pack it all up and send to the customer.

Transportation of single elements of the kiln directly to the site.

Mounting had begun.

All other elements were transported to the site.

After removing the old kiln, a new one is being installed.

That’s how our rotary kiln will look like. Here’s an example of such a kilnused in one of the cement mills.

Kiln cooling system.

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