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Runarsson and green energy


The idyllic old town of Ærøskøbing has been a frontrunner in terms of green energy for decades. This makes us at Runarsson extra proud of that they choose us as a supplier for a new bag filter for the straw boiler line. The old filter had rusted down due to repeated condensate, and the task was to replace it with a filter that withstands tear better. Before we started the production we went to Ærøskøbing and stripped the old filter of all parts that could be reused; this meant that we could give our customer a better price, and of course this is in line with Runarsson vision of recycling and making the world a little bit greener.


The filter had to go on a journey on the ferry from Svendborg to Ærø before it could be lifted through the roof of the boiler house and installed.


The new filter has a water tracing all the way up to the penthouse due to that the boiler is stopped many times during the season, increasing risk of condensation if the body will cool down. The body is made out of wear-resisting Corten steel and the shot blast pipes are stainless. All of which contribute to a very long lifetime.


Congratulations Ærøskøbing on your new and improved bagfilter!










Dirty, old filter













Removing of old filter through the roof














Recycling - retrieval of parts


Filter was in the air - so he was named   Apollo 14 :)











Main assembly drawing of the filter made by our office



New challenge - Long transport








New filter installed through the roof















Our filter in the air








Installation in the boiler room



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